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David Fonseca

David Fonseca

Artist: David Fonseca



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1Jacky03-12-2018 17:35

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2Barnum05-02-2018 21:33

I think that people should admire this artist because of the work he puts in for research paper and the way he writes his song.

3Sara Watson13-08-2019 12:43

David Fonseca is a successful musician and he has an very amazing voice. tablet for rent

4Lander18-03-2018 15:01

Dreams in Colour is such a great album. The first time I heard this album was when I was looking for someone to write my essay for me and it was perfect for me. I loved that day so much.

5Robinjack22-03-2018 19:13

David Fonseca has an amazing voice and you can hear that in these songs. His songs are what made me go towards the Goldenslot review from my current job. David is inspirational for me.

6Jacky27-11-2018 18:17

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