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Album: 12 Gardens Live

Billy Joel : 12 Gardens Live

Artist: Billy Joel

Album: 12 Gardens Live

Year: 2006
Genre: Rock: Pop-Rock


# Track Title Mode, kbps Length Size, MB
1 Angry Young Man 222 5:20 8.45 Download
2 My Life 207 4:59 7.35 Download
3 Everybody Loves You Now 223 3:05 4.90 Download
4 The Ballad Of Billy The Kid 209 5:31 8.21 Download
5 The Entertainer 227 4:02 6.55 Download
6 Vienna 210 3:36 5.39 Download
7 New York State Of Mind 217 7:05 10.99 Download
8 The Night Is Still Young 198 5:14 7.38 Download
9 Zanzibar 217 5:58 9.24 Download
10 Miami 2017 (I've Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway) 213 5:03 7.69 Download
11 The Great Wall Of China 217 5:08 7.93 Download
12 Allentown 213 3:51 5.86 Download
13 She's Right 195 3:57 5.50 Download
14 Don't Ask Me Why 206 3:10 4.67 Download
15 Laura 196 5:20 7.47 Download
16 A Room Of Our Own 212 4:10 6.33 Download
17 Goodnight Saigon 208 7:16 10.79 Download
18 Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) 228 3:48 6.20 Download
19 An Innocent Man 207 5:42 8.43 Download
20 The Downeaster "Alexa" 198 3:51 5.44 Download
21 She's Always A Woman 205 3:41 5.39 Download
22 Keeping The Faith 213 4:54 7.45 Download
23 The River Of Dreams 211 5:22 8.06 Download
24 A Matter Of Trust 212 4:39 7.04 Download
25 We Didn't Start The Fire 220 4:48 7.53 Download
26 Big Shot 215 4:24 6.73 Download
27 You May Be Right 211 4:49 7.26 Download
28 Only The Good Die Young 211 3:44 5.63 Download
29 Scenes From An Italian Restaurant 202 7:36 10.93 Download
30 Piano Man 203 5:44 8.31 Download
31 And So It Goes 186 3:51 5.10 Download
32 It's Still Rock & Roll To Me 209 3:26 5.13 Download
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13Robert30-12-2018 19:15

Billy Joel is truly one of the greatest Rock and Roll artists of the 70's. It blows me away he is still producing great music. I always listen to him while building fences with the crew at Jersey City Fence Contractor company.

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