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Album: The Songs Of 2001

Kotoko : The Songs Of 2001

Artist: Kotoko

Album: The Songs Of 2001

Genre: Pop


# Track Title Mode, kbps Length Size, MB
1 Feel In Tears (Heart Of Hearts) 172 4:45 5.82 Download
2 Heart Of Hearts (Heart Of Hearts) 166 5:41 6.74 Download
3 I Can't Get Over Your Best Smile (Disintegration Ver) 166 6:15 7.42 Download
4 Time Rolls On... (Deepfantasy) 148 5:09 5.43 Download
5 Fortress - D.F Style - (Deep Fantasy) 163 6:18 7.31 Download
6 Repeat Remix (G-Mix) 145 6:38 6.84 Download
7 Resolution Of Soul (D+vine[Luv]) 156 6:00 6.65 Download
8 Resolution Of Soul (Disintegration Ver) 168 5:38 6.74 Download
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Comments For: Kotoko — The Songs Of 2001

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2Peyton21-01-2019 18:38

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