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Album: Telas

Oswaldo Montenegro : Telas

Artist: Oswaldo Montenegro

Album: Telas

Year: 1996
Genre: Latin


# Track Title Mode, kbps Length Size, MB
1 Rembrant - O Banho 144 1:51 1.90 Download
2 Gauguin - Ta Matete - O Mercado 147 4:47 5.04 Download
3 Michelangelo - O Juizo Universal 142 3:47 3.82 Download
4 Goya - O Fuzilamento dos Tres de Maio 140 3:47 3.79 Download
5 Portinari - Familia de Retirantes 144 3:12 3.29 Download
6 Salvador Dali - Metamorfose - Relogio Derretendo 143 4:24 4.49 Download
7 Bosh - O Jardim das Delicias 142 2:04 2.10 Download
8 Monet - Choupos a Beria do Epte 142 4:48 4.84 Download
9 Van Gogh - Girassois 145 3:08 3.24 Download
10 Leonardo da Vinci - Monalisa 145 2:01 2.10 Download
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