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Album: Ghetto Fabolous (Explicit Retail)

Fabolous : Ghetto Fabolous (Explicit Retail)

Artist: Fabolous

Album: Ghetto Fabolous (Explicit Retail)

Year: 2001
Genre: Other


# Track Title Mode, kbps Length Size, MB
1 Click And Spark 192 2:05 2.85 Download
2 Keepin It Gangsta 192 4:07 5.66 Download
3 Youngn 192 3:26 4.73 Download
4 Get Right 192 4:36 6.31 Download
5 Ride For This 192 3:19 4.56 Download
6 One Day 192 4:39 6.38 Download
7 Trade It All 192 5:20 7.32 Download
8 Right Now And Later On 192 4:00 5.50 Download
9 Take You Home 192 3:59 5.47 Download
10 Get Smart 192 3:46 5.17 Download
11 Cant Deny It 192 5:06 7.02 Download
12 Ma Be Easy 192 3:45 5.16 Download
13 We Dont Give A 192 3:17 4.52 Download
14 The Bad Guy 192 3:00 4.12 Download
15 Bonus Track 1 192 3:59 5.47 Download
16 Bonus Track 2 192 4:39 6.40 Download
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Comments For: Fabolous — Ghetto Fabolous (Explicit Retail)

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