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Album: Famous Last Words CD1

Tears For Fears : Famous Last Words CD1

Artist: Tears For Fears

Album: Famous Last Words CD1

Year: 2007
Genre: Other


# Track Title Mode, kbps Length Size, MB
1 Pharaohs 192 3:44 5.12 Download
2 Brian Wilson Said 192 4:25 6.06 Download
3 New Star 192 4:26 6.09 Download
4 The Way You Are 192 4:57 6.80 Download
5 Break It Down Again 192 4:34 6.26 Download
6 Sowing The Seeds Of Love 192 6:18 8.65 Download
7 Lord Of Karma 192 4:31 6.20 Download
8 Ideas Of Opiates 192 3:50 5.26 Download
9 Suffer The Children 192 3:53 5.33 Download
10 When In Love With A Blind Man 192 2:27 3.36 Download
11 We Are Broken 192 4:07 5.65 Download
12 Cold 192 5:06 7.00 Download
13 Year Of The Knife 192 7:12 9.88 Download
14 Famous Last Words 192 4:24 6.04 Download
15 The Big Chair 192 3:37 4.97 Download
16 Deja - Vu And The Sins Of Science 192 6:15 8.59 Download
17 Ghost Papa 192 3:56 5.41 Download
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