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Album: Smoke on the Water - A Tribute to Deep Purple

Rock - Various Artists : Smoke on the Water - A Tribute to Deep Purple

Artist: Rock - Various Artists

Album: Smoke on the Water - A Tribute to Deep Purple

Genre: Rock


# Track Title Mode, kbps Length Size, MB
1 Fireball (Smoke on the Water) 192 3:31 4.83 Download
2 Stormbringer (Smoke on the Water) 192 4:18 5.91 Download
3 Hush (Smoke on the Water) 192 3:57 5.43 Download
4 Lazy (Joe Lynn Turner & Yngwie Malmsteen) 192 5:17 7.25 Download
5 Speed King (Kelly Keeling & Yngwie Malmsteen) 192 4:31 6.20 Download
6 Space Truckin' (Smoke on the Water) 192 4:53 6.71 Download
7 Maybe I'm A Leo (Smoke on the Water) 192 4:58 6.82 Download
8 Rat Bat Blue (Smoke on the Water) 192 4:58 6.83 Download
9 Smoke On The Water 192 4:59 6.83 Download
10 Woman From Tokyo (Smoke on the Water) 192 4:53 6.70 Download
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